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oAbout me//// • 3:20 PM

q-pit q pit qi cupid elrose farrah she/they asian capricorn infj

oLikes!////////// • 3:26 PM

manhwas, kpop, anime, mangas, fashion, art, baking, sleep, cats

oDislikes!////// • 4:09 PM

crowds, loud noises, hot weather, school, my brother/hj

ooBYF!ooBefore you Follow! • 11:11 AM

I curse a lot, I use tone tags with ppl I'm not close with, I mostly tweet about kpop, fashion, and art, I rarely interact on my socmed accs but I'm usually active in discord

ooDNI!ooDo Not Interact! • 6:09 PM

basic dni criteria, rude and disrespectful, an insensitive prick, invalidate ppl's feelings, hates on my faves for no reason, problematic, replies coldly


o@vxnitycupido • 3:58 PM

Note! i'm always on dnd status and it takes me 26 business days to reply unless it's important so pls don't expect me to respond right away (: